5 Great Places to Get Wings

5 Great Places to Get Wings

February 3, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Chicken Wings Knuckle Dragger MagazineYou’re a champion party thrower. Everything is planned down to the detail, but you forgot one thing…perhaps the most critical; where are we getting the wings? Here are five places that you should definitely give a whirl for wingy goodness.

Burrell Inn, Lower Burrell, PA

The Burrell Inn offers full-sized seasoned wings with a variety of sauces. Absolutely fabulous experience, if you’re getting takeout. Otherwise, you’ll be sucking down menthol from the adjoined bar.

Nando’s Peri-Peri, Washington D.C.

Nando’s started back in 1987 in South Africa and now is in 34 countries. Their  flame-broiled wings and  African bird’s-eye chili seasoning is a staple for customers. They also a marinated and grilled version of the wings. For all of you Atkins freaks.

Furaibo, Los  Angeles, CA

One would think that Furaibo was lacing their wings cocaine based on the lines that wrap around the corner in their West Los Angeles location. Which in LA, would be perfectly normal. People are hooked on the crispy, seasoned wing things.

Jimmy Kramer’s Peanut Bar Restaurant, Reading ,PA

Since the 1930’s, people have been throwing peanut shells on the floor a Jimmie Cramer’s and the owner is a wing purist. He says they just have good quality wings. No exotic or fancy flavors.

Hurricane Grill and Wings, Miami, FL

With over 30 sauces at the Florida chain, customers are not lacking for ways to incapacitate themselves with beer and food. Flavors include garlic glaze, Thai ginger and raspberry chipolte.