Sexcessorizing Made Easy – Try Getting Busy With These Fitness Tools

A few months ago I had this insane idea that I was going to start Bob Harper’s BlackFire fitness routine on I was ridiculously excited over this high-intensity workout program. That was, of course, until 15-minutes of fast-paced burpees and mountain climbers later when I remembered that chain smokers have better lung function than I do. Nothing makes you realize you are not a superhero like being under 30 and on the brink of C.O.P.D for no other reason than you got dealt a crappy genetic card in utero that gave you really crappy lungs.

I hate being told what to do. So I was determined to press on. So determined that I hopped onto Amazon and bought the $70 Plyometric Box that was needed for the routine. A few days later, it arrived at my door. Unassembled. Much to my disappointment.

One hour of a 90s Hip Hop dance party and a lot of swearing and wishing I had power tools later, I had it assembled. Proud of myself, I posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “Now to remember this is for fitness. Not dancing and other things.”

A few hours after immortalizing this reminder on the World Wide Web, I was busy getting busy with my lunch-date on the plyo box. Turns out, this isn’t the only piece of fitness equipment that can double as a sexcessory.

Yoga Block

sex tips for men sex with yoga blockYoga blocks are used during your practice to help you get into a pose that you might not be limber or long enough to achieve on your own. Several of the warrior poses rely on these blocks to help the person adequately reach the floor by bringing it close to them by a few inches. These blocks are made of a dense foam and have rounded edges which make them perfect for lifting the butt during sex.

Simply place one block under the tailbone of your girl while she is lying on her back. The angle will be enough that all the blood doesn’t go rushing to her head and that you can enjoy deeper penetration. Think of it like an aid to the traditional legs-on-shoulders types of positions. Because the foam is soft, it will be comfortable for her as you are thrusting. The few inches and change in angle make a dramatic difference because it changes the angle of the vagina as you are entering it – making it more intense for both of you.

Foam Roller

If you don’t own a foam roller, you should get online and order one RIGHT NOW. I think this is the best fitness tool imaginable. It’s a true saving grace after long-run day and leg-day. Just rolling your muscles along it can relieve serious amounts of tension and pain that you feel after a workout. It’s like having a deep tissue massage without having to pay the hefty price of it.

Of course, you can work out other forms of tension with your partner with this unit, as well.

There are two positions which I highly recommend using this for. For the first, have your partner assume a position on all fours with her shins resting on the top of the foam roller. She will probably find it more comfortable on her arms/shoulders to rest her forearms on the floor, similar to how you would in plank position. Enter from behind – doggy style – and you’ll enjoy having deeper penetration, the perfect height, and the ability to let the roller do the work of moving her behind in and out instead of putting all the pressure on your own knees and hips.

The second option for the foam roller is a twist on any girl-on-top position. It is no secret that these positions allow for the deepest penetration. Maximum depth is hard to achieve because most surfaces do not allow enough “clearance space” for a woman to really get deep on top of you. Lay on top of the foam roller so that it supports your head-neck-back-bum. Have her straddle you in the traditional girl-on-top manner. With your body lifted, it will be easier for her to get the maximum penetration from the position because her legs have the necessary clearance space between the top of you and the floor. Pretty much any variation of girl-on-top is enhanced with this tool.

Stability Ball

sex tips for men fitness ballA stability ball gives a little bounce to any sexual position. But this is really a great tool for better oral sex. There is this position often referred to as the Rushing Waterfall where the person who is receiving has their head lower than their body, causing the blood to flow heavier in their head and therefore enhancing the feel of an orgasm. Now, when I have seen mention of this position, it always has the person hanging off the side of a bed. Let’s be honest, that is a bit crazy. You’re trying to enhance your pleasure, not pass out.

The ball gives you a nice middle ground. Either person can lie across the ball on their back during oral sex. The head will fall just a little to the other side of the ball to increase blood flow without making their head spin.

Plyo Box

I still haven’t used the plyo box for fitness, but let me tell you, there are some benefits to using it for sex. First, it makes another form of an elevated platform for deeper penetration. My personal favorite being the seated reverse cowgirl position. For this, sit on top of the box and have your partner straddle you with her back facing you. The boxes are wide enough that she should be able to wrap her legs around the back of you and use your knees to stabilize her body while she rides you. Of course, you should probably hold on to her as well – just to be safe.

When she is sitting on the box, it is the perfect height for you to receive oral pleasure without putting all that pressure on her knees. You can also use it for standing positions, depending on the box height. She can stand on it to give you direct access to her hoohaa without risk of you breaking your dick trying to thrust and hold her at the same time. Lastly, you can get a better angle to orally pleasure her when she stands on the box.

What I’m saying, guys, is that there is a use for some of that fitness equipment collecting dust in your spare bedroom. And sexcessorizing your life doesn’t have to break the bank. Work with what you got!

Until next time, don’t forget to follow KD Magazine (@KDMagazine) and myself (@XOXOLeanneC) on Instagram!


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