Breast Play Foreplay: What You Should Know

I was trying on this dress while talking to my very funny father one day when I said “I think this dress might be too booblicious for my date.”

He responded with “You’re single. There is no such thing.”

breast-massagesThe argument over tits and ass might be ongoing, but one study completed by researchers at the University of Wellington in New Zealand concluded that 47% of men prefer to look at and touch a woman’s breasts over any other body part.

So why is it that the only thing women complain about more, in terms of sex, than not getting off is that their breasts are ignored?

Some of my larger chested friends feel that men might be intimidated by what to do with their size E and up boobies. Meanwhile my smaller chested friends note that their itty-bitty-titties aren’t much to play with. I can personally say that I have never run into this problem. Notably, one of the best guys that I ever dated would use every excuse and opportunity to fondle the ladies inside and outside the bedroom.

But at the mercy of women who are far less fortunate, I bring you what you should know about breast play foreplay and how to incorporate it into your sex life.

Breasts Will Take You Further

Foreplay might not be your thing. There are plenty of women out there who are floating in the same boat with you, as far as that is concerned. However, the majority of women enjoy the attention you give all parts of her body, during sex. Keep in mind that your hands on her will turn her on for no other reason than she is fully aroused by the sexy beast that you are.

Men most often skip breast play completely because they know that the yellow brick road to O-land is between her legs. This might get you the immediate results that you are looking for, but helping her embrace the nipplegasm will make you the true king of her O-land. When she is done riding that unique ride, she will be ready for whatever you want to do next.

Getting Started

A woman’s breasts are a huge part of her life, whether your have realized it or not. When she is growing up, having them in a point of status amongst her friends. As she becomes an adult, she spends all of her time trying to figure out the best way to dress around those puppies – whether it’s to hide them or show them off. Regardless of the size, she has probably dealt with ample scrutiny over their existence. And there have been days when she wished they weren’t there at all. In a world where women are constantly at odds with their bodies, she needs her partner to make sure that they are appreciated.

There are many, many different approaches to breast play. Every woman is going to like or prefer something different. Some will want it soft and tender while other ladies are going to be begging for rough and hard play. To start out, you want to gauge her desire for it with these steps:

  1. Start with a gentle massage by caressing the area of tissue underneath with your fingers. You can use a warming-massage-oilgrabbing massaging motion around the sides, similar to the way you might knead bread. Remember that the breast tissue is filled with glands and sensors that are responding to your touch and turning her on. Ignore her nipples at first, just focus on the fatty breast tissue. Massage… smoosh…. Gently tug… do whatever feels right to you. Watch her response to ensure she is enjoying it. Consider using warming massage oil to help your hands glide along smoother.
  2. Gently kiss and breathe on her breasts. If you have opted for a warming massage oil, this is where things will really heat up (pun intended). Your breath is what activates the massage oil and makes it feel hot on her skin. The heat combined with the already aroused sensors in her skin will start to turn her on in the same fashion that going down on her would. Take your time moving across both breasts, massaging them simultaneously, and letting your breath activate the heat everywhere.
  3. Go for the nipple with gentle flicks and twists of your tongue around it. An excellent technique for starting a nipplegasm is to suckle her nipples and then blow on them while they are wet. The transition between your cool breath and the warmth of your mouth will drive her crazy.

Take it to the Next Level

orgasmOnce you have gotten her warmed up with the steps above, it is time to take it to the next level and figure out what is really going to drive her over the edge with these three tips:

  1. Ask her if she likes it. Her oooos and ahhhhs might be enough in your mind, but a verbal validation is good for both of you.
  2. Ask her to show you what she likes. Women can be oddly self-conscious about their breasts in the bedroom. She might have never let you know different things that she liked because she didn’t think you would accept them since you hadn’t made those advances. Give her the opportunity to tell you and show you that she would like it harder or for you to focus more on one area or technique than another. Trust me, you’ll both be turned on.
  3. Try your own thing. The funny thing about our sexual preferences is that most of us do not know what we actually like and enjoy until we try it. Men and women alike are often hesitant to try something unless their partner brings it up for fear of being judged. Once you have an idea of what she is enjoying, it is your turn to surprise her with your own technique. If she likes to gentle, try to carefully bite and tug on her nipples with your teeth. Flick your tongue across the tip and watch how she responds. If she prefers things rougher, roll her nipples between your fingertips or suck on them hard.

The nipples are filled with tons of tiny little nerve endings. When you focus your foreplay efforts on her breasts, you are igniting those little nerves to send aroused feelings throughout her entire body. Her naughty bits will be on fire and anxious for you. Best of all, with practice, you can use nipple play to make her come and then dive right into sex – if you want.


If you want to incorporate breast play further into the act of sex then you can opt for sexcessories. There are a variety of options for nipples but the two most popular items are nipple clamps and nipple suckers. Nipple clamps come in a variety of styles including those that are teethed and without teeth, connect to clamps for other body parts like the clitoris, and those models that vibrate. Nipple suckers are small plastic suction balls which deliver the same pleasurable suction feeling of your mouth when your mouth is busy other places.

There are two primary perks of breast play. First, it lets you be lazy. It is significantly less work than oral sex and delivers a different, more exciting level of pleasure. You get to enjoy the powerful feeling of being in control of her pleasure and she gets to enjoy feel like you are making special effort to pleasure her. Second, any insecurities she might have about not being freshly showered or shaved down there will be alleviated which will allow her to relax and enjoy her time with you, more.

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