F**K This Generation! 5 Old-School Tips for Picking Up Women. Thank Me Later.

tinder-mobile-datingWhen online dating first entered the digital scene in the mid-90s, it was considered completely crazy. Beliefs that you would sooner meet the next Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer), before finding the love of your life, ran amuck. Skeptics and critics who didn’t understand the concept and its future potential practically shunned anyone they knew who embraced it. Online dating was taboo.

Fast-forward to present day and online dating is hailed as the best way to meet someone regardless of your relationship intentions. Advancements in technology have made it even easier by allowing you to date from the palm of your hand with mobile dating applications like Zoosk and Tinder. Now, men and women alike spend more time hiding behind their phone screen than they do making an effort to build meaningful connections with the people around them.

Here’s the thing, guys – there is nothing more appealing than a man who isn’t afraid to take charge and take a little risk in the name of love… or even, in the name of like.

Technology has made us weak. Seriously. While it has made it easier for us to meet more people at once, it has also made it easier for us to fall into this mentality that there will always be another – so why put all the effort in to start? Unless you’re channeling your inner Barney Stinson, you probably don’t live for the thrill of picking up strange women at the local watering hole.

It is understandable. Asking a complete stranger out makes you feel vulnerable and a little awkward. What if she’s bat-shit crazy? What if she laughs at you? What if she is obnoxious?

But there is something to be said for the man who is still willing to express his interest in a woman by buying her a drink. If you embrace the old-fashioned way of dating then she is likely to give you more of a chance than if you send her an easy-to-ignore message through a dating application. If you’ve been living in the modern lifestyle for too long or are merely too young to remember the days when dating wasn’t as simple as clicking the “yes” icon on your mobile device, then here are five tips for picking up women the old-fashioned way.

Make Eye Contact & Smile

Let’s say you see an attractive woman at the bar, and you’re interested. The first thing you want to do is determine if she’s interested as well by establishing eye contact. We can all sense when someone is staring at us. It is a natural inner sensation that leads us to look around and see what we might be missing. When your eyes finally meet hers from across the bar, give her a little smile. Women love a great smile. Your smile tells her that you are trustworthy which instantly puts her at ease and more receptive to your next move.

Ask if You Can Join Her

flirting-tips-menYou know what women don’t find attractive? A presumptuous man. There are three types of women at a bar. The one who is alone and wants to be left alone, for whatever reason. She’s probably off in a corner somewhere buried in her cellphone. The one who is out with her friend(s) and is receptive to your efforts but isn’t going to act on them because she is with company. This woman will make the advancement to you, if she’s interested. And the woman who is alone but welcoming of your attention. Take a risk and walk on over to this type of woman and ask her if you can join her and buy her a drink.

Compliment Her

What is your go-to approach for complimenting a woman?

It is natural for men to want to compliment a woman’s appearance first. But saying “Hey, I think you’re hot!” doesn’t hold quite the same value as paying a compliment that is specific to her style or a particular feature of hers that has caught your eye.

Some sort of a lifetime ago, back when AOL instant messenger was as popular as texting is today, a guy whom I had met during my summer job and was chatting with told me that my smile “was captivating.” Over the years, I’ve had many men compliment my smile but this one man’s compliment has always lingered in the back of my mind.

Women want to know that you think something of substance about them. Something greater than the fact that she looks like a woman you want to fuck.

Keep the Conversation Edgy

Here’s something you might not have considered – if she thinks you’re great, and you think she’s great too then there will always be more conversation to be had. Your initial meeting doesn’t need to be a time where you bring up the weather, what you do for a living, the history of your past relationships, or anything else that is nothing short of the mundane details of your life. In that very moment when you approach her, your only goal is to make her interested in you and see where things go.

How do you this?

You ask smart, funny questions. You try to learn about her hobbies and interests. You focus on keeping the conversation entertaining with left-field questions about bucket lists and what she might do in a hypothetical situation like a meteorite heading for the city. And when she responds, you as more questions to deepen your knowledge of these topics. And if she asks you a question, you give her the same detailed answers that she has provided you.

Don’t Try to Get Her into Bed

goodnight-kissI’m sorry, did you think this column was about getting you laid tonight?

Chris Rock once said “A woman knows she’s gonna fuck you within the first five minutes of meeting you.” And he is exactly right. Although many women wouldn’t want to admit it.

The secret to getting the girl is letting her come to you. As the night is winding down and you both are getting ready to leave, don’t assume she’s going home with you or vice versa. Be a gentleman. Tell her you had a great time. Ask for her phone number. Offer to walk her home. Invite her on a proper date.

The hidden meanings are all there. If she is going to sleep with you, it’s going to happen because she thought you were a gentleman, not because you made it clear that your only goal for the night was to get laid.

Until next time,


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