Getting Down & Dirty in the Shower – Simplified

The first time I had sex in the shower it was in the reasonably public co-ed bathroom of my dormitory floor with my first college boyfriend. Living on a college campus means one thing – you have absolutely no privacy. These bathrooms had a toilet at one end and a shower at the other, separated by two sinks. The doors at either end were permanently open right to two bedrooms where two or three students were crammed into each of the collegiate living quarters. The sex life of a college student is centered on roommate schedules and sneaky hookups whenever and wherever you can get them.

The wing I resided in at Smith Hall was tagged as the most sexually active wing on campus. So much so that the Resident Advisor was not permitted to take any more condoms from the health clinic about halfway through the year. Back then, getting it on in the shower was pretty much the best option. Unfortunately it didn’t always go well when two people were confined in a 4-foot by 4-foot space.

Over the years, I’ve heard people talk about the horrors of sex in the shower, and I’ve even experienced a fair share myself. But what I’ve learned through multiple partners and plenty of great shower sex – with only a handful of accidents – is that half the battle is knowing what actually works and what is a pure myth.

It is Nothing Like Television

sexinshowerMuch like most people, I had seen enough sultry sex scenes on television to make me want to give it a go. In my head, it was all going to play out in this overly-romantic, rock-my-world scenario that I thought was the norm. But it’s not. Seriously guys, sex in the shower is absolutely nothing like on television.

Those scenes, they are all lies.

The floor is slick. Penetration is difficult. Height differences are a real challenge. And don’t even get me started with the idea that you can easily hold a woman’s soapy body with her legs wrapped around your waist while thrusting. The perception that this is a cakewalk is exactly why so many people end up in disappointment – and why so many men end up feeling like their dick has been abused or broken.

Although this typical approach is all wrong, there is a right way to have shower sex and overcome the most common sexy time dilemmas. First and foremost, the biggest problem with your shower sex attempts is that you are overthinking it. Banish all of your thoughts that it’ll be like a movie and start with the basics.

Why do it?

According to UK Sexpert, Rachel Mccoy, the initial perk and draw of shower sex comes from total body stimulation. The hot water feels soothing on your already aroused skin. As the sensitivity in your skin increases, the massage from the beating water will feel more erotic. Good thing too because for most of us the hot water only lasts about 25 minutes. Mccoy also mentions the excitement factor of having sex in the shower that comes from doing it somewhere out of the ordinary.

I guess if you aren’t dating me, sex in the shower would not be on your weekly agenda.

How to Do It

Position – There is only one real position that is universally workable for almost any couple – standing doggie style. If you have a small corner shower then shower sex might be off the table all together. For everyone else, give this go-to position a try. Have her bend over in front of you with one leg raised up on the edge of the tub. This solves your varying heights problem and allows for a deeper penetration. Also, with only one leg up, it will cause the vaginal wall to feel tighter around your cock therefore increasing your own pleasure.

gunoilStability – With slick bodies and a slick floor, shower sex can become dangerous quickly. Make sure you have stability before you give this a try. Add in a non-slip bath mat, to start. Give both of you more stability be affixing suction handle bars and foot rests at one point on the shower walls. These items are a few dollars each at any sex shop or novelty website and will make a tremendous difference in the experience.

Lube – If you think that water makes a great lubricant – you are wrong. Water can actually be drying to your ladies naughty bits. Lisa Sweet, author of 365 Sex Thrills, suggests opting for a silicone, water-resistant lubricant for smooth gliding. For a manly lube, try Gun Oil available online at Amazon or at many Target stores.

Additional Suggestions

Considering that your hot water supply is not unlimited, start off outside of the bathroom with your foreplay. Once both of you are primed and ready, hit the shower.

You can make your bath time nookie all the sweeter by adding in a few other special features to your shower unit such as a dual shower head with a sprayer and a vibrating loofa or bath sponge. If you want to kink it up, there are suction cup handcuffs, chokers, and bondage ropes also available.

Finally, if you are still optimistic for great oral sex in the shower – think again. One of three things will likely happen: either the giver will be waterboarded, left in the cold from the lack of water, or slip and fall.

Until next time,


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