Latest technology concepts that’ll probably blow your mind

If this article needed an introduction, it would probably be something along the lines of “you’ve seen movies where protagonists manipulate operating systems with integrated telekinetic OS’s, get lap dances from holo-strippers or use precogs to predict the future, but have you seen the hottest and latest real-life technology improvements?”

1413468709_Panono-Ball-Camera1. Panono

It’s basically a GoPro on steroids, even using the same water-resistant plastic and similar design approach – only circular. It allows users to take 360 degree panoramic pictures with nothing more than throwing Panono in the air and hope for its safe landing back into your hands. The gadget is smart enough to recognize optimum height requirements and snap that 108MP panoramic selfie.


FlyKly-Smart-Wheel2. Flykly Smart Wheel

You have smartphones, smart-watches, smart-fridges, smart-stones and now smart-wheels are paving their way toward mainstream consumption. Okay, while the part with stones is made up, you can now buy another thing that’s smarter than you – your bicycle wheel. The Flykly wheel enables more efficient cycling, more comfort and it comes with a tracker and an app. So if someone decides to steal your two-wheeled transportation, and then try to sell it back to you once again (true story), you can track them down and maybe call the police afterwards?


atlas33. Atlas

Atlas was an ancient Greek mythological figure that holds the heavens on his shoulders and subsequently has nothing to do with this gadget listed here. Named “the first fitness tracker” by its inventors, it helps its wearer to monitor his heart rate, make workout calculations and evaluate his fitness form. And also, it’s compatible with lots of fitness apps out there.

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