14 Things Every Man Should Own

You read Knuckle Dragger Magazine, you’re clearly a man. But there may be some things lacking in your manly repertoire of possessions. That’s where we come in. We’ve included 10 must-haves for any guy worth his salt, and beef.


ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (6)A Multi-Tool. The first step to being manly is showing homage to Macgyver. Multi-tools not only cement your handy-man legacy, but they also look pretty awesome. Is that a swiss-army knife, or are you just happy to see me? “Both”.



ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (1)A Passport. You can’t be a well-traveled man if you’re extent of world travel is loosely based on a weekend at Epcot.




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (4)A Nice Watch. You might not be a watch guy, but every man needs a timepiece that says, “I know what time it is, ask me.”




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (7)A Suit. I hate suits, but keeping one on standby is key to rounding out my superhero tee wardrobe.




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (3)A Painting. While this might sound weird, it lends to cultured and well-rounded man activities. Ladies like culture.




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (2)A Sword. Because every man is a ninja deep down. And it needs to be displayed somewhere in your home.






ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (1)A Mountain Bike. The outdoors are calling. Men have to answer.




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (9)Heavy Bag. Even if you can’t box or fight, you have to be able to hit something. Or at least show visitors that you have the desire to hit something.




A  Sports Bag filled with Sports Stuff. Tennis balls, football, basketball…Because you never know when a random game of dodgeball will break out.




ten things every man should own _knuckle_dragger_Magazine (8)A Grill. Meat & Fire, it’s in our genetic coding to grill. Don’t be left in the dark.




work-bootsWork Boots. Because mud happens.





Wenger-Swiss-Gear-Red-ScanSmart-17.5-inch-Laptop-Backpack-P14108570Suburban Survival Bag. Deodorant, change of clothes, trail mix, business cards, thumb drive, knife, pen & notebook, back up cell phone, flashlight, headphones and Mp3 player.





toolboxTool Box, with tools. Hammer, nails, all-in-one power tool, vicegrips, pliers, zip ties, wrenches, electrical tape, and a ratchet. Man…that’s manly.




pain-and-gain-trailer-screenshot-jonny-wuA Set of dumbbells. Sometimes you just need a pump.




video-gamerA Video Game System. Because we’re old enough to curse at a television.



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