The Treadmill Desk. Work The Fat Away…Literally.

treadmill desk girlSo, you landed an office job. Four years of college has paid off and now you’re making 30k a year. With only 60k in student loans, you’re on the path for victory. [face palm] Your dreams of becoming a bodybuilding fitness model with millions of fans and women throwing their panties at you as you walk down the street have passed in a big way.

You’re 28, and have a male Fupa. Things are clearly not going your way. Combos are part of your daily diet, and Sunday’s are just an excuse to eat more fried food. As you watch some of the most athletic men on the planet play football, you descend further into a cheese-soaked stupor.

Masked with pizza and beer, you realize that at this pace, you’ll surely top become a top candidate for “The Biggest Loser”. Hey, at least you have a chance with the new trainer, Jennifer Widerstrom. She could help you get ripped, then realize how much of a great person you are, on the inside.

In the words of Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers ,”Everyone loves to be a part of a miracle.” For the time being though, we’ll focus on walking up right and making it to the fridge without an oxygen tank. It’s time to get that super hot girl with the tattoos down the hall to take note of your Thor-like qualities. It’s time for a treadmill desk. The cozy desk fits conveniently over top of your treadmill. Walk your way to model status, all while finishing up those expense reports. FYI, you have to get a treadmill first, and be somewhat coordinated to work and walk at the same time. **Girls like treadmills**.

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