Chanel Ryan

Chanel Ryan is one of the hardest working actresses in the business. Not only will she melt your ice cream cone, but she’ll probably outdork you on any given day. Ryan, who works as a full-time actress, prides herself on being uber-organized and ready to go when she gets the call. In her possession, a day planner, accompanied with zip lock bags, all of which she uses to keep her life in order. She practices accents, markets herself, and takes her job seriously.

Ryan, who has graced the screen with the likes of Bill Murray, Gary Sinise, and Judd Nelson, not only loves the acting game, she’s also  taken a crack at photo shoot & film producing for various productions.

You may also have noticed that Chanel Ryan is relatively attractive…And for that attractiveness, she has appeared in magazines like Maxim, and… ahem, KnuckleDragger. While modeling afforded many opportunities, Ryan made the choice to follow her heart and jump into acting.

And while you may fawn over her looks, I would challenge you to admire her tenacity, because guys, following a dream ain’t easy.

Ryan has an affinity for the gritty and admittedly loves working on indie films. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t every actor want to have their moment with millions of fans, gobs of money pouring from the ceiling, a butler serving them caviar out of a gold spoon while a polar bear rides a unicycle through a 600,000 square foot living room?” Maybe. But I wholeheartedly believe that Ryan is perfectly comfortable growing within her pocket of sunshine. She has a slew of new acting and producing projects for 2014-2015, including “Bad Kids Go To Hell 2”. I’m assuming by the title that it’s a romantic comedy.

Ryan’s not a social media maven, although she does keep up on her Facebook, Twitter, and new BFF, Instagram. You won’t see 3-million selfies, you won’t see her twerking, or on TMZ, which in itself is pretty amazing. She’s just pretty great at being awesome. She’s appeared in over 30 commercials…Oh, and she has tactical training with handguns and assault rifles.

You may now swoon.

Ryan is living her dream. Quite simply, The American Dream. Doing what she loves, and not being afraid to work for it.

No American Idol, The Voice, or some other disposal reality TV rag to be discarded from the mouths of the public as soon as the next chimp riding a trike passes by. Hard work, passion, and just getting shit done is her formula for paying the bills and making a name for herself.

Outside of being tour de force of dedication to her craft, Ryan also is steadfast promoter for animal rights. She’s a very active participant in all things to make animals happy, which is pretty adorable.

All hail the every-actress, Chanel Ryan. Keep it up, nerd.

Photography provided by Sylvain Von K and Jean Paul Mann

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