The G2R R.I.P. Bullet

G2R RIPG2 Research, a weapons manufacturing company based in Georgia, is the latest to create what they call “The last round you’ll ever need”. A Radical Invasive Projectile, or R.I.P. for short.

From the video, it looks cool enough; a solid copper, 96 grain, CNC-machined projectile that seems to rip apart ballistic gel with ease and is claimed to penetrate sheet rock, cinder block, auto glass, sheet metal, etc.

Something called TROCAR technology (Looks like TROCAR is used on arrow tips) splits the projectile’s head into several fragmentable pointed pieces, so that on impact, they break apart and dissipate throughout the target, while a solid slug still maintains its path.

While it looks promising, the idea that a bullet with less gross mass and only 96 grains leaves me a bit on the skeptical side. By splitting the head, the amount of force has to be reduced in some way shape or form. Although the video insists that it turns the bullet into a spinning hole saw, which is just ridiculous, because anyone that knows about projectile spin realizes that it comes from rifling.

Extreme Shock ammo was another company claiming massive penetration and damage to a target, but when it was independently tested, it flopped and subsequently, so did the company.

The R.I.P.’s video is naturally going to glamorize their product and its effectiveness, but we really won’t know the true nature of the bullet until a few testers get their hands on them.

If the bullet actually stands the test of time, it could be one of the most deadly bullets on the market, offering serious penetration and secondary damage.

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