Are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Sex Life?

Men have always been portrayed as having sex on the brain; some people would even joke that it takes next to nothing to turn a man on. So why are nearly 63% of women saying that they just aren’t getting enough sex from their partner? 

For the first time, women are speaking out about their dissatisfaction in the bedroom and psychologists and researchers are finding that the typical male lifestyle is having the greatest impact on the inadequate sex lives of couples. We took a look at the lifestyle habits of the average man, learned how these bad habits could be ruining your sex life and found out what you can do about it.

iStock_000002995263MediumAlcohol Consumption

Downing some liquid courage when you spot a cute girl across the room at your favorite bar is the go-to move for many men. A couple of drinks are all it takes to lower your psychological inhibitions and give you the courage to walk on over and say “Hello”.

But according to “Alcohol & Human Sexuality: Review and Integration”; an article in Psychological Bulletin by Leif C. Crowe, too much alcohol will suppress sexual physiology and therefore dramatically decrease sexual desire. This article also unveiled the fact that men are significantly more susceptible to decreased desire and sexual function due to alcohol consumption than women.

Researchers found that both occasional and regular consumption of alcoholic beverages will inhibit testosterone production due to the processes needed to breakdown alcohol within the body. Testosterone is critical for a healthy libido. With lower testosterone levels you will notice a decrease in sexual arousal and sexual desire. More importantly, a few too many drinks will lead to decreased pleasureability and the intensity of your orgasm as well as increase the difficulty of achieving an orgasm.

How much is “a few too many”? If you want to really enjoy your night, stick to two or three drinks. The amount of alcohol you can safely consume without leaving your date wondering if you find her truly heinous once you are in the sack will depend on your weight, age and what you’ve eaten for the day. If you are planning for a long night out then consider pacing yourself with 1.5 drinks per hour.

baldguyexercising-800Exercise Routine

It is no secret that being overweight can result in a lack of sexual desire and stamina, but did you know that too much exercise can have the same effects? When you are overweight your body has to work harder to perform basic functions.

This additional stress causes your internal hormone regulation to be all out of wack and that can inhibit proper testosterone production.

According to an article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men who performed cardio exercises at least three times per week for 60-minutes per session saw a substantial increase in their desire to have sex, the intensity of their orgasms and body function during sex.

It is important to note that this study was based on cardio exercise. It was also revealed that men who focused primarily on bodybuilding or exercised for long periods of time five or more days of the week experienced a decrease in libido and intense orgasms.

What is the best exercise for men that combines both cardio and strength training? Yoga. Bad ass celebrities such as Charlie Hunnam credit their ripped bodies to only performing body weight exercises. Yoga offers exactly that. The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reported that male participants in high-intensity flow yoga such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga style yoga saw an increase in sexual desire and stamina.

The flow of oxygen through the body during yoga practice helps energize the body and stimulates fresh blood flow. This leads to enhanced erectile capacity and therefore enhanced pleasure during sex resulting in more intense orgasms. Looking for a not-so-girly yoga? Check out former-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga routine which helped him overcome years of wrestling abuse and injury at – formerly YRG Yoga a.k.a Yoga for Real Guys.

Bonus: Sex is a great way to burn calories and work some of your core muscles. Trade one gym session per week for some intense time in the sack with your lady. If you find that stamina is hindering your performance, try an all-natural supplement such as Rhodiola Root Extract for the boost you need to bring on the pleasure.


Are you familiar with the phrase “You are What You Eat”? Well there is much more truth behind that statement than many people realize.

Your high-school metabolism that allowed you to eat an extra-large pizza and drink a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew is behind you. Unless you want those calories to start showing up on your behind, it is time to consider changing your diet.

Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of health problems in men including high blood pressure which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Caffeinated beverages including coffee and soda increase the anxiety which your body feels which in turn decreases your sexual desire. And let’s face it, there is nothing sexy about how you feel after a stop at your favorite fast food restaurant for a supersized order of burgers and fries.

Vitamin B and Zinc are extra important for maintaining healthy testosterone levels according to The National Institute of Health. Recommended foods include avocado which is packed with Zinc and bananas and figs which offer up a heavy concentration of potassium and bromelian; both of which increase your sex drive. Asparagus contains high levels of Vitamin E for increased testosterone production and eggs are Vitamin B rich for increased libido, stamina and improved hormone levels. Lastly, oysters are packed with Zinc for healthy sperm and are known as an aphrodisiac.

You Are Not Alone: Women are more susceptible to decreased sexual desire because of lack of exercise and poor nutrition than men; psychologists blame this on Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Furthermore, all leading birth control pills cite low libido as a common side effect.

What we are saying guys is this – sex is supposed to be the best part of your relationship whether it’s a one-night stand or something more permanent so why shouldn’t you enjoy it to your maximum level? Women are focused on getting maximum pleasure out of every sexual encounter and you should be too. Consider curbing or dropping these bad habits all together for the happier, healthier sex life you deserve. 



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