2014 Mansory Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Roadster

2014 Mansory Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Roadster

October 18, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

For the cost of five Ferrari 458 Italias, you could own the super-duper Masonry Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Roadster. Along with the hefty price tag, the sheer length of the name is sure to impress all of your extremely wealthy friends. And your new girlfriend, Kate Upton. She likes Lamborghinis.

While you’re knocking back caviar with Prince, you can chat about the Aventador’s massive 6.5 liter V-12 engine that produces a mind-boggling 1250 horsepower. With a top speed of 236-mph, you’re surely going to make lots of powerful friends. They’ll probably invite you to parties with supermodels. Supermodels like parties.

The entire body and portions of the interior of the Carbonado are carbon fiber, adding extra mystery to your already aloof, yet alluring personality.

After that, you’ll most likely get hired by a formula-1 race team to represent them across the world for you experience in awesomeness, but mostly because you drive a 1.2 million dollar supercar and Kate Upton is your girlfriend.