Eight Reasons Why Women and Guns Are Similar

girl with gunFor some reason, men have always been fascinated with weaponry. Especially guns. It’s what fuels our dreams. That, and Kate Upton.

So what is it about girls and guns? For me, it’s the natural progression between love and violence.

A primal instinct to shoot stuff and grab boobs. I wish there was a more eloquent way to say it.

Well, in all of our infinite wisdom, we’ve come up with 8 relatively lucid comparisons between women and guns. Enjoy.

1. They make you feel powerful

Much like shooting or carrying a gun, a great woman can make you feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Both give you a  sense of quiet confidence.

2. They must be given the utmost care

A neglected gun is a sure-fire way to have problems when it’s time for shooting. A neglected woman is a great way to end up alone, playing with your six-shooter.

3. They can be expensive

No explanation needed.

4. Without ammunition, they’re not really good for anything other than fondling

A gun without bullets is just a showpiece. And a woman without a brain is just a blow-up doll.

5. They can kill you

Any objections? I didn’t think so.

6. They’re complicated in design, and simplistic in what they need to function

Guns: Bullets, hammer, firing-pin, barrel. Women: Love, honesty, affection, shoes.

7. They’re extremely intimidating to those that don’t know how to handle them

Fumbling around like a high-schooler is common place for those that don’t know the power a woman or gun wields.

8. Shaky hands probably shouldn’t handle them

You’ll shoot your eye  out.

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