Claire Werkiser

Claire Werkiser (7)Nerds. I love them. Attractive nerds. I like even more.

First, let me clarify what a “nerd” is. “An intelligent person with quirky tastes that normal meatheads and dumbasses would make fun of.” (E.G. My whole life). A nerd is not a dim-witted, half-naked girl in a nerd shirt with fake glasses and tube socks. 

I also have an affinity for redheads, as you’ve all been able to document my unhealthy fascination with Christina Hendricks. For the record, she said that the restraining order was for my protection, not hers. She’s so thoughtful. That’s why we’re running away to New Zealand.

Naturally, when I stumbled upon an attractive red-headed nerd, the trifecta of nerd goddess qualifications, I had to at least give our nearly 1,000,000 faithful yearly visitors the same opportunity to cyber stalk her as I have. Ladies and gents, meet Claire Werkiser. She’s a 20-year-old college student from West Chester, PA that specializes in everything nerd.

What’s her claim to fame? Zombies. She’s the foremost expert on zombie culture, attacks, love, hate and of course, the impending zombie apocalypse. It’s going to happen. And don’t tell her otherwise, or she might just have to backhand you.

As with any zombie expert, Werkiser has an ironclad doomsday survival plan. One she would obviously not share with our kind. She assured us that it was full proof, and I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the zombie bunker, but only if I can shoot stuff.

Werkiser, like any normal zombie nerd, is an uber-fan of “The Walking Dead”. You may have heard of it. I’m only guessing that Werkiser has some type of extremely image-damaging ritual every Sunday night before she suits up and prepares for the ups and downs of the nation’s largest gathering of zombie fanatics.

Other than zombie-related activities, Werkiser is a writer, baker, and renaissance fair junkie. Yep, you heard me. If you want to court thine faire lady, thine shalt get on his medieval game. And bring a suit of armor or something. And one of those big-ass turkey legs. But wait, there’s an upside to all of this; Werkiser is a fan of wearing corsets. That, sir, would be a bonus of fantabulous proportions.

The nerd queen also dabbles in Cosplay (Costume Play). Werkiser has made several costumes, my favorite being Poison Ivy. Why is it my favorite? Could be because she’s half-naked, or it could be because she’s half-naked…I don’t know, it’s a mystery.

I digress.

Werkiser is also an aspiring fiction novelist, and recently started a site dedicated to her nerdish leanings. Cosplay Claire will cover all aspects of Werkiser’s life, which includes her writings, modeling, cosplay, zombies, comic books and rants. She’ll also make and sell her custom outfits, posters, books, and other merchandise.

So, what’s the verdict? Werkiser is a little bit of everything, but all awesome. Might we add, she’s quite adorkable. Now you shall enjoy pictures.

Special thanks to Jeff Zoet for some killer images. Visit Werkiser’s modeling page here.

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