Is Having a Flying Car Awesome? Yes.

2013-Terrafugia-Transition-Car-to-Plane-1-1024x768So, you have a tad of road rage. you curse out old women with their blinkers on. You flip the bird to teenage girls tweeting their thoughts about how Katy Perry’s “Roar” is motivating them to become a model. The world’s best model.

Needless to say you need an outlet, you need something to take the edge off.  If only there was a car that could transform into an airplane that could take you and most importantly other drivers out of the picture, literally. Hold on a sec, Ike Turner, we might have something you just might like.

Fortunately and unfortunately, we’re  very close to flying cars being reality. A reality that I would personally never want to see for a couple of reasons. The first one would be air rage, the second would be inexperienced drives thinking that they’re on the set of GI Joe, and trying to transform into a plane in the middle of rush hour traffic, perhaps causing  catastrophic fail of biblical proportions.

How about I fly into restricted airspace on accident and get shot down? Air traffic jams, wrecks, carnage beyond belief. But hey, let’s look at the positive. The 2013 Terrafugia Transition claims that it’s just as easy to transform as it is to put down a convertible top. The gas and brake also double at the  airplane controls. The Transition takes premium gas, and gets about 35 mpgs on the road, while burning 5gph during cruising speed.

The Transition is a cool concept in theory, but I don’t ever seeing the FAA granting access to something that has the potential to become so fubared so quickly. However if Terrafugia is interested ins ending me a testing unit to fly, drive, and most likely crash, i would be more than happy to try it out. Don’t worry guys, I’m a professional.

Here are  few stats on the transition.

Cruise Speed, Vc:100 mph (160 km/h)
Range:410 mi (660 km) plus 30 min. reserve
Takeoff Roll:1700 ft (518 m) over 50 ft obstacle
Useful Load:500 lbs (227 kg)
Fuel Burn at Cruise:5 gph (18.9 L/h)
Useable Fuel:23 gal (87 L)
Mileage on Road:35 mpg (6.7 L / 100 km)
2013-Terrafugia-Transition-Flying-3-1024x768 2013-Terrafugia-Transition-Driving-3-1024x768 2013-Terrafugia-Transition-Other-Garage-1024x768

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