4 Tips for Better Outdoor Sex

37% of couples enjoy having sex outdoors and on a whim. I have this friend who has a text-book worth of stories about her outdoor sex adventures. After years of listening to her, I have compiled a list of what I feel are outdoorsexsome often overlooked (but should be no-brainers) when it comes to taking your private time into nature.

  1. Skip the beach. Sex on the beach sounds like fun. I mean, it’s private (hopefully), the sand is warm and you can enjoy the ocean’s song while you getting down and dirty. Unfortunately sand has a way of getting everywhere not only on your clothes and in your shoes but also in places that you’d rather not let sand get. To top it off, sand can be coated in bacteria from the ocean which can cause any number of problems.
  2. Scan the area. Let’s say you get the urge for a stand-up quickie while you are hiking. Let’s also say you just hop off the trail without thinking and go for it. Now let’s say that a few short hours later you discover that you both have contracted poison oak or poison ivy which is spreading unbearable itching to spots all over your body. Yes, this happens, a lot. If you are going to take your romp off the carefully marked trail then be sure to check the area for any poisonous plants and if you do come in contact with one, don’t proceed to touch each other’s naughty bits with your infected hands.
  3. Wear bug spray. Duh. If you are going to enjoy sex while camping then be sure to wear some bug spray. Even in the confines of your tent there can be pests such as mosquitos. You know how badly a mosquito bite itches, now imagine that itch ANYWHERE in your private region. I’m pretty sure that Afterbite wasn’t made for down there.
  4. Don’t get caught. Half the fun of having sex outside is feeling like you might get caught but that doesn’t mean you should. Unless you are looking to add charges of indecent exposure to your record it’s best to be sure that you are a safe distance from any innocent bystanders. Take your outdoor activities to secluded areas where there is less likely to be any other people for miles.

Got a great story about your outdoor sex adventure? Tell us below!

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