Pittsburgh Challenge Series 2: Pre-Fight Rumblings

pinnacle series 2 4x6 copyOn Saturday, April 20th, Pinnacle Fighting Championships (PFC) will invade the Iceoplex in Cannonsburg, PA once again as they put on the Pittsburgh Challenge Series 2. PFC welcomes a roster of talented fighters to the cage, with a couple of hometown heroes to boot.

I was sad to see Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta down for the count with a leg injury, putting his match against Jeremy Pender on ice. I talked with Mazzotta and he was guesstimating a month before he would be recovered.

Mark Cherico is making his return to the cage after his win in PCS I earlier this year. Cherico is set to face Billy Vaughn in battle for world domination, or at least Pittsburgh MMA domination. Cherico comes into this match with a perfect record, and Vaughn is looking to send him back to Bloomfield with a loss and a hoagie.

If Vaughn has any chance of winning, he’ll probably need to do it  standing, because Cherico’s submission game is on point. Read an exclusive interview with Cherico as he talks fighting, his next match, and a little controversy.

Jason “The Whip” Willett is also set to take on Khama Worthy. Willett, who is replacing Francis “Mad Dog” Healy, just fought 2 weeks ago and submitted LA Hampton at Gladiator’s of the Cage. I guess he figured he was still in fighting condition, so why not strap on the go-go-gadget gloves and take someone else on.

It’s not a new thing to see fights change day-to-day in the smaller promotions. Matt Leyshock, the organizer and promoter of PFC, said it best on the Facebook profile, “Promoting a fight is similar to building 14 sandcastles at the beach and leaving for 6-8 weeks, then coming back and trying to use whatever is left.”

It’s a tough business to be in. I give every fight promoter out there a little smack on the ass and an atta boy. There’s no way I could do it, my doctor only prescribes me enough medication to deal with smaller problems, like running out of Swedish Fish in the middle of COD.

Other matches include:

Jason Cardillo vs Tony Parker
? vs Jeremy Pender
Justin Steave vs Anthony Morgan
Kyle Rozewski vs Anthony Durnell
Bob Tipinski vs Reginald Merriweather

Make sure to tune in after the fights for our recap.


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