CD Review: Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not a Human Being 2”

Lil wayne Knuckle dragger magazineLil Wayne’s newest release, “I am Not a Human Being 2”, proved to the world that Wayne has not only lost touch with reality, but his ability to create relevant hip-hop music has taken a serious step backwards. I can’t specify one song that’s worse than the other, they all have the same generic tone, with every track revolving around pussy, or the inane reference to pussy or his dick.

The first track, IANAHB (I am Not a Human Being), starts off with a promising intro on the piano. Perhaps Wayne is going in for something we’ve never heard before, something “Rebirth-esque”, but the first verse lost me “I’m in the crib butt naked bitch, she said my dick could be the next black president”. Really? As I listened to each song, I hoped Wayne would snap out of the fog, but he never did. There’s no point in reviewing each song, because they’re all disconnected with zero purpose.

Wayne has gotten away with lyrics like this in the past, because they were peppered throughout his CD. Guest spots from Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, and Drake didn’t add much flavor to an album that was on clearly life support. It was uninspiring from the beginning to the last painful track. Even though his track, “No Worries” claims that Wayne is on the top of his game, the writing is on the wall.

Wayne’s title as the best rapper alive has been revoked indefinitely. His previous introspective, rocket-fueled lyrics that hit home and connected with his audience, are now replaced with complete nonsense. Not one person in the free world can relate to “being in the ocean getting shark pussy”.

Nor do they want to listen to auto-tuned, garbled, tracks that sound like something from a bad night of drinking. I’m a Lil’ Wayne fan, but I think I speak for most fans when I say, Wayne, you’re better than this.

You put out a half-assed, soft-hitting record riding on the waves of previous success, banking on the fact that your diehards would eat whatever you were pedaling. Today, that changes. Real hip-hop fans demand more than fluffy lyrics with no merit or forethought. Hit the studio, smoke a joint, and make something that doesn’t make me want to listen to a Bieber CD.

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