Powerlifting 101 with Mike O’ Hearn

Mike O hearn Knuckle Dragger MagazineMike O’ Hearn is pretty much a fitness god. Besides the fact that he looks likes something off of the cover of those cheesy romance novels, better known as housewife porn, he’s done it all, seen it all, and is one of the most respected fitness professionals in the industry.

He’s graced the covers of thousands of magazines, and is one of the last old school “Fire & Brimstone” fitness guys. O’ Hearn is a hybrid of bodybuilder and power lifter. He does cardio, is a an accomplished martial artist and you might have seen him on the  TV show, American Gladiators. He lifts “raw”. No straps, braces, or whining.

O’ Hearn  recently broke a world record for breaking a bunch of glass panes. While I have no idea how breaking glass even became a world record category, he now owns it, along with a crap load of awards, like four Natural Mr. Universe titles.

In this video, O’ Hearn teaches the big three power lifting techniques, squats, deadlifts, and bench press. If you want to get stronger overall, glue yourself to this video. The next 30 minutes will change your workout drastically.

Remember, if you’re going to workout like a man, refuel like one! The Knuckle Dragger Fitness section is brought to you by Supplement Central 

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