Uriah Hall Delivers One of The World’s Worst Knockouts to Adam Cella

uriah hall knocks out adam cella knuckle dragger magazineThe Ultimate Fighter, now in its 17th installment, gave viewers an exciting, yet terrifying glimpse in the world of MMA fighting when Uriah Hall completely decimated opponent Adam Cella with a spinning  heel hick that came from Dante’s seventh level of hell.  After connecting with the kick, Cella hit the mat and began gasping for air. After the excitement and brutality of the knockout set in, Hall simply said, “I’m sorry Adam” while doctors attended to Cella as he remained unconscious on the mat.

Cella was taken to the hospital and if he’s lucky, all he will have is a concussion and a broken jaw.

The force of the kick nearly broke his neck.

Dana White, CEO of the UFC and Ultimate fighter said, “It was one of the nastiest knockouts I’ve seen in the fight business let alone the Ultimate Fighter”.

The latest victory puts Hall at 7-2 in TUF and sets him as the guy to beat for a contract with the UFC. Hall is also a deadlock winner for “knockout of the season” which will give him an additional 20k in cash and prizes.

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