My Girlfriend Goes to Strip Clubs with Me…Survey Says? Win.

ImageWhen learning that some friends of mine were spending their lonely Christmas away from their families at a strip club, I had to wonder – is this a new thing? Recent polls taken at some of the top strip – err, gentlemen’s – clubs in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City have revealed that more and more women are spending their free evenings throwing dollar bills at nearly naked dancers. What is even more surprising? Over 50% of clientele in popular strip clubs are couples. So we were wondering – what does this mean for you?

The dynamics regarding men and strip clubs has changed in the last few years. While some might feel it is still taboo for a man to seek entertainment at such “forbidden” establishments, the concept is becoming more main streamed within society today.

Women are feeling empowered to not only forgo the usual arguments about the boys-nights fun but are opting to join them. In an age where sex is no longer missionary style and vanilla, ladies are finding that embracing sexuality and what makes them aroused is actually enhancing their relationships and taking it to a whole new level. Sprinkles on the vanilla, lots of sprinkles guys.

You can blame it on the Greg Behrendt’s of the world, but the fact is that more women truly believe that their partner is with them because he is actually interested in only them. This feeling of security makes it easy to brush off when you look at another woman on the street , or a naked stripper clamoring for your hard-earned 1.00 bills.

What we are saying is: guys, she knows you’re not going home with any strippers and is therefore happy to let you see the “show”.

Forget about your fantasies of threesomes, women are interested in charting new territory by understanding what makes you tick. Ladies agree that other hot women can be arousing and seeing you get hot and bothered by said hot women is just what she needs to get her naughty bits humming. Couples reported that visiting the strip club together every once in a while helps with sexy time romp-a-room.

It’s a sign of diminishing inhibitions. Several women also reported that after a few cocktails coupled with a little eye candy, they’re more likely to try new moves in the sack and maybe even fulfill kinky stuff that she’s shut down in the past…Perhaps that whole Star Trek meets Marge Simpson fantasy you’ve been talking about for 6-months has a fighting chance.

Psychologists and sexperts alike are in agreement that the once shunned strip club is actually helping bring couples closer and keep them together longer by helping women tune into their partner’s needs.

The result – better sex for everyone. A win for mankind.

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