World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile

Turbine Batmobile by Putsch RacingKnuckle dragger Magazine  (3)Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing set out to create something that no one else on the planet has done thus far, a sustainable energy source? Of course not, it’s a turbine powered Batmobile that you can drive to work . Same difference.

The street legal envy of all bat fanatics is powered by turbine engine from a  decommissioned military helicopter. Hearing the Batmobile start for the first time reminds of the first time I had Swedish Fish. Exhilarating.

Putsch finished the car in 2011 and has been trying to sell for a cool 625k ever since then. He notated on his website that he only wants serious buyers  to contact him. Right. As opposed to all of the tire kickers looking for a  2011 Batmobile?

Other than the whole Batmobile turbine engine thing, the car drives just like another vehicle, except you won’t have the urge to put on a cape in your Kia. For all of you  thinking “this car must go 400 miles an hour”,  Slow down turbo; The engine only produces 365-horsepower. Barley enough to break the sound barrier, but plenty of juice to get a speeding ticket. If you do get pulled over, just say you’re on the way to Wayne manor. That should either get you out of the ticket or quickly on the side of the road for a field sobriety test.

Fueling up the Batmobile is a pretty easy task. It takes Jet Fuel, Kerosene or Diesel.

And while Batman was always to busy driving fast and saving people, you will not bear the same burden, so the Batmobile comes equipped with a radio and a touch screen I-pad. The Batmobile is easy to maintain and the turbine engine isn’t as scary as it sounds. Also, if you live  in any area other than Arizona or Florida, the ride height adjusts to different terrains.

In the mean time, I’m going to start looking for loose change around my house and maybe cash in that stock I have in Hostess. I think they’re about to make some big changes with their business model. Fingers crossed.

Here’s a little more info on the Batmobile and a video of Casey Putsch taking it out for a spin.

  • Fully independent, cockpit adjustable suspension with disc brakes
  • Steel tubular space/monocoque chassis
  • 4 forward speed semi-automatic, sequentially shifted transmission with reverse
  • 365 horsepower Boeing turboshaft engine
  • Fiberglass and aluminum coachwork
  • Digital avionics and centrally mounted touch-screen iPad with 3G
  • Fuel cell and racing approved on-board halon fire extinguishing system
  • Approx. 2800 lbs.
  • DOT approved turn-signals, tail, and headlights
  • On-board air-compressor
  • Stereo
  • Air horn
  • Runs on Jet A, Kerosene, or Diesel fuel

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