‘The Walking Dead’ Returns for Second Part of Season 3

The Walking Dead  Knuckle Dragger magazineThe second part of Season 3 of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead returns on February 10th with more drama than an episode of Survivor and The Kardashians rolled into one.

In the last episode, “Made to Suffer”, we found out a couple of things while the crew is hunkered down in a prison. Perhaps the most important is that Carol is not a lesbian and Axel has a thing for Beth.

Maggie had to put down Oscar before he turned.

Michonne has been quite a busy bee, She rescues Glenn and Maggie, but ends up killing cute zombie toddler Penny with a sword, even after the Gov begs Michonne to let her live.

The Gov and Michonne get into a battle and she stabs him in the eye with a broken piece of glass. During the tussle, Andrea comes into the room with a gun, but ends up letting Michonne escape.

Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne make their way out of the prison, but Daryl is left behind and ends up being captured.

Merle is named as the traitor and apparently the townspeople want the Dixon brothers to be killed. The scene closes with The Gov smiling. Here’s a little preview of what’s coming up next season.

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