Skip the Gym and Hit the Sack: 3 Reasons Why Sex Does a Body Good

couple_making_out1When I was in college there was this guy, Jim*, who lived on my co-ed floor. Every weekend Jim’s girlfriend would brave the snowy, unsalted roads of the North Country and spend the weekend with him – in his dorm room. Deemed the most sexually active floor on campus (the health office actually prevented the R.A. from taking any more condoms for his floor halfway through the year), it was no guess what the two were up to.

A few months into the year, I found out that Jim had lost over 120-pounds just by having more than his fair share of sex and I thought this guy must be on to something.
It’s no secret that you work up a sweat during any romp session, but in the last few years we have seen more sex and health experts boasting the benefits of a healthy sex life. Here are the top 3 reasons you could skip the gym and hit the sack:

Calorie Burn

Sexologist Jaiya Kinzbach and relationship expert Gilda Carle are just two professionals who agree that calorie burn is one of the biggest benefits of a great sex life.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated calories burned for each sexual activity:

  •     Kissing – 70 calories per hour
  •     Undressing your Partner – 8-15 calories
  •     Sexy Massage – 80+ calories per hour
  •     Getting Down & Dirty – 160+ calories per half-hour
  •     Oral Sex – 100 calories per half-hour
  •     “Making Out” High School Style – 238 calories per half-hour

Curb Carb Cravings

Bad for you carbs are the weakness of all of mankind. Recently Dr. Oz stated that, in theory, sexual activity including watching porn, having sex, sexual thoughts and sexting can be used to curb your carb cravings.

Carbs release serotonin in the body which gives you that euphoric feeling after downing half a pizza with your buddies. However, empty carbs leave you wanting more shortly after you finished eating.

Sexual activities release oxytocin which is another feel good chemical of the body. By satisfying your carb cravings with sexual activity, you could not only shake off a few pounds but also rev up your sex life big time.

Increase Stamina

Sex is a great way to increase your stamina for physical activity. Unlike the daunting task of running on a treadmill for 60 minutes, sex is actually enjoyable (we hope).

While you are in the mood and showcasing your best moves to your partner, you are not thinking about how fast your heart is racing or how short your breaths are.

Sex offers the perfect distraction to those smaller factors that often lead to shutting down a fitness machine before you’ve really gotten a workout in.
But guys, that’s not all. When you show your girlfriend or wife these sexy benefits she will not only find you irresistibly smart but be ready and willing to satisfy your sexual cravings knowing she’s reaping the same great benefits.

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