Philadelphia-Based Gym, Brazen, A Force to be Reckoned With.

MMA Fighter Paul Felder after his TKO win against Khama Worthy

MMA Fighter Paul Felder after his TKO win against Khama Worthy

The local MMA scene has a litany of talented fighters that are making their way up the ranks and providing crowds with technically sound and entertaining matches.

Fans look to UFC  as the ultimate form of professional MMA, but the local scene is rich with talent that is progressive and hungry for competition.During their last trip to Pittsburgh, PA for the Pittsburgh Challenge Series 1, Philadelphia-based Brazen Boxing and MMA Gym made a very strong showing, walking away with a 3-0 record for the evening.

Pro Fights:

Paul Felder vs Khama Worthy: In a complete domination, Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder leveled Khama “Deathstar” Worthy in a little over a minute.

The two danced for a little while, exchanging blows, and then the fight took a turn for the worse (Depending on which corner you’re sitting in) when Felder overpowered Worthy in the clinch, landed a few knees that I felt ringside, and then finished the fight on the ground with a  gift basket full of punches, courtesy of Mr. left and Mr.right.

Amateur Fights:

Johnson Jajoute vs Rick Borowski: In all the fights I’ve been to over the years, I’ve never actually seen a fight ended from a groin kick, I’ve  also never seen a polar bear ride a tricycle, but there’s a first time for everything. This time, it was the groin kick.

Johnson Jajoute, a Mid-Atlantic boxing champ was tuning up Rick Borowski until a knee to the groin ended his night. Borowski was given time to recover, but ended up being carried out by his corner crew.

I asked him about the knee and if he had a Thai cup on. He said he did, but it had slipped down, and when he took the knee…Well you can imagine, a junk sandwich in between the cup. The doctor stated that he hadn’t seen a groin injury that bad in his career and advised Borowski to go to the ER. Hopefully for future hope of procreation, he did.

Either way, I don’t think Borowski would have lasted too much longer with the much speedier Jajoute. In the mean time, I’m taking an online polar bear training course.

Anthony Smith vs. Chris Deep:  Nothing crazy happened in this fight as Anthony “The Animal” Smith submitted Chris Deep  by RNC. No incidents and a solid win for the Brazen team. Smith will be turning pro later this year.





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  1. […] is the co-founder of Philadelphia-based Brazen Boxing and MMA, and the founder of Sargus Strength Systems (SSS). If you have problems with deductive reading, […]

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