The 2013 Ford Atlas Concept Truck

January 17, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Ford Atlas ConceptIf you’ve ever wanted to actually drive Optimus Prime, here’s your chance. The 2013 Ford Atlas concept truck jumps off the cliff of conventional design and rockets drivers into a space-aged get er’ done pickup with lots of extras, but the same good ol’ boy toughness. We don’t want Ford going the route of Jeep, when they made an abomination called Liberty, which to me is known as The truck industry’s alternative to Hello Kitty.

Features on the Atlas include hidden extendable ramps, and integrated roof rack system, and 110-volt electrical outlets, just in case you actually use your truck for work and not driving around like a tool with a 36 inch lift kit and tires that weigh 200lbs.Fail.

Other creature comforts are evident throughout the interior. A touchscreen, “glove friendly” control panel and “floating instrument pod gives drivers a sense of luxury and prestige, even if they’re covered in mud at the time. Over the past 5-7 years, Ford has done a great job at mixing luxury with their working vehicles.

I’m always impressed with the interior and styling aspect that they come up with to balance out comfort and useability.

I guess when you purchase a truck, one can only assume that the gas mileage is going to be crap. The Atlas probably won’t be any different, but Ford did create some bond-esque fuel saving features that are said to save two mpg. Even if they don’t, they’re still cool to brag about.

The Atlas is equipped with active grill shutters that open when extra engine  cooling is needed, but close at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics.

The wheels power the truck’s self-charging batteries, and have shutters that close at high speeds for improved mileage.

The spoiler lowers at high speeds (Ala Porsche) and the air dam raises at low speeds to improve ground clearance.

Other amenities include a 360-degree camera, LED lighting and Cargo box, Hitch Assist, and the ever-so-popular Dual-purpose tailgate and Cargo cradle.