The AC Schnitzer BMW ACS4 2.8i Police Coupe

The AC Schnitzer BMW ACS4 2.8i Police Coupe

December 2, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Police cars are getting more cool as the years go on. The old Matlock cars are becoming relics quicker than the latest version of the iPhone. This has peaked  my interest into becoming a member of law enforcement.

However, there are several other aspects of the job, like stopping at red lights and not imposing mandatory frisking for all average to above average looking female traffic violators that have hampered my application status.

While my paperwork sits in the  very disturbing “Training Day” pile, I’ll just keep checking out other police cars.

AC Schintzer, and uber-popular tuning company partnered with BMW and  the Association of German Vehicle Tuners to create a super cop car.

The ACS4 houses a 2.8 liter inline six that produces 294 hp and a 0-62 speed of just 5.7 seconds. Aluminum wheels and other accents  like rear and front spoilers adorn the oh-so-cool bad guy getter.

The ASC4 was created for the “TUNE IT! SAFE!” initiative. A program dedicated to preventing illegal and dangerous tuning and counterfeiting practices. The Bimmer will make its debut at the Essen Car Show in Germany, and then continue touring across Germany.