She Did WHAT? Female Horror Stories From Guys Like You

Arrested GirlLet’s be honest, sometimes you meet a girl who seems really great…It’s all rainbows, butterflies and you even thought about updating your Facebook relationship status. It’s all good, but then she does that one thing that’s a deal breaker. We’re not talking about adult thumb-sucking or picking her nose. We’re talking about those instances where you just can’t look away from the horror and your perception of it all lasts a lifetime. Enjoy our theater of horror stories from guys just like you.

“Several years ago I was enjoying a shower with this girl I had been seeing. It’s safe to see we had reached that comfort zone where you no longer have to hold in a fart. She let one rip in the shower and out popped a little nugget. That crossed a line I’ll never get back.” – Michael, 48

“I dated this girl for about a year before we moved in together. In the first few weeks, I noticed she spent an extensive amount of time in the bathroom before actually showering. Since there is something sort of erotic about watching a girl get ready, I peeked in on her once. She was spending close to 30+ minutes per day plucking her sideburns, mustache and chin hairs. The realization that she had too much hair sent me running for the door.” – Tim, 32

“I was on a second date years ago at an established eatery. I excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back I was met at my table by two nice uniformed policemen. Turns out while I was in the bathroom my date had stolen all the utensils of the table. Including the napkin holder. Anyway they arrested her and attempted arresting me until I explained we had only known each other for a week. Needless to say we didn’t see each other again.” – Mike, 27

“I had been dating this girl for a couple of weeks when I finally suggested we go to her house instead of mine. As we were walking in the door I was greeted by a stench I cannot even begin to describe. Before I could even ask what the stench was, my legs were being touched by tiny little paws. I screamed like a girl and discovered she had three ferrets which she let poop all over her apartment… and didn’t clean it up regularly.” – Jeff, 52

Do you have a woman horror story? Let us know!

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