Are the Steelers Losing Their Cool?

Last week the Steeler’s took a turn into suck history when they lost to the Cleveland Browns in an epic display of some of the most terrible football I’ve ever witnessed. 8 turnovers, an anemic offense with Charlie Batch at the helm, running backs that couldn’t hold on to the ball, and apparently an offensive coordinator that had no idea there was a quarter back in the game that was well past his prime 10 years ago. Throw it deep, don’t worry, it’s only an 80-yard pass.

And while Mike Tomlin is a great coach, he’s asleep at the wheel. Benching a running back everytime they fumbled. A grade school antic that obviously just shook the psyche of every running back on the team. The Steelers are lost without Ben, but they’re also lost with a new offense that is more than ineffective, it’s pitiful.

Bubble screens to arguably the fastest wide receiver in the league, Mike Wallace, is an insult to greyhounds and track athletes everywhere. The overall culture has changed from an aggressive down your throat offensive, to a passive, I’ll give you my lunch money if you don’t kick my ass display of  backyard football.

Can they turn it around against the Ravens? Doubtful. It’s not just one game they need to win, it’s the way they’ve lost the others. Very haphazardly, with no discipline in sight. Someone needs to get a ruler and start slapping hands, because if the Steeler’s are lucky, they might get a chance at the Wildcard.

Plaxico Burress is back in action, which is a good thing, the receiving core needs a big body to sky over defenders. At this point, it doesn’t matter how fast or high the receivers can jump, because Batch can’t throw more than 30 yards at a time and they’re are 16 different number 1 running backs all fighting for the same number 2 spot. Doesn’t make sense? Well imagine how they feel.

The one bright spot in the mangled offense is the stellar defense. They’ve  been playing exceptionally well, and are earning their number 1 rank in the league.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the team responds to the many hurdles they have to face, but Fortunately for the Steeler’s sake, none of what I just said has any outcome on the score this Sunday. That’s why we watch the game, for the sport of it all…And for the terrible backhanded compliments by the commentators like “He blocks just as good as anyone in the league”. So, what you’re saying Chris Collinsworth is that he’s average? Flag on the play, excessive use of wordplay.

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