The Irreverent Fashion of Blasfome

For most people, an upside down cross means that you worship the devil, or sleep in a room with lots of candles, dress in all black and cut your wrists to Trent Reznor and Marylin Manson while writing poetry.

Well, there’s a company based in the Southside of the burgh that  actually puts upside down crosses on clothes, and I have yet to see one of their employees hanging from their nipples in the back room chanting weird things and molesting a voodoo doll. Blasfome is an urban apparel store that specializes in shock fashion. Or at least that’s the best way I can describe it.

The company belief; they’re anti-government, anti-religion, anti-conformity, pro freedom. Some of their apparel is inflammatory and downright offensive to some, but they do serve a niche market that gets the message they’re putting out there. I personally would not wear a shirt with a pentagram or upside down cross, but I do understand the need to not conform to society, organized religion, or government.

It’s a great message, perhaps a little extreme in the delivery, but I can respect their originality. They’re the cloth version of Rage Against the Machine, and no screaming Zack Dela Rocha.

Other tees are relatively low key and user friendly, considering. Wrench Turning Crew is a huge part of their line. It promotes the motorsports industry, German autos, American muscle, and Imports. I would rock one. Maybe not the one with a big German bird, but the Cobra…definitely. I already feel like Daniel son about to take on the Cobra Kai.

The Silverado Squatters Tee is interesting because it represents the teams link to defense contracting.

Other tees like Dogs of War, and Uplifters show the Inspirational side of Blasfome, promoting business growth and motivation. While  Recession Proof and Don’t Trust Whitey are a bit more militant, the entire Blasfome line offers a surprisingly diverse amount of messages…You’re not stuck with a super extreme statement on your chest if you don’t want one, you can just have fun with it and support the cause.

Some moron posted on their Facebook page the other day that said “Devil Warshippin Faggits”. Come on, really? Besides the awful spelling and the fact that I’ve never been on a  gay Devil’s Warship, the whole thing really threw me for a loop.

It’s easy to sit back and throw out snap judgements at anyone, but you have to dig deeper. It’s my job as an editor to get the most information about a company before lighting them up in an article. For me, Blasfome is a necessity in this society.

They weed out the Ambercrombie and Fitch and Lacoste crowd. They’re not trying to get you to put down your Justin Beaver CD, throw on a Dogs of War shirt and start listening to Jadakiss. They’re giving people the opportunity to live out loud through their clothing.

In a way, that’s what Knuckle Dragger is all about, being ourselves. Some people like it, some don’t. But you all have to respect it, because we’re keeping it real and pretty much saying eff u to everyone else.

Blasfome, 2 thumbs up from this guy. Here’s a quick video of B.White, one of the Burgh’s local rappers that Blasfome outfitted.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome article! You hit the nail right on the head.


  3. this article was dope as fuck, and so is the blasfamily.

  4. Billy Hoyle says:

    Fuck yea Blasfome rules and Chief Keef drools


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