The scariest bathroom in the world? No, it’s not Primantis.

I’ve seen a lot of scary bathrooms in my many years of hanging in the South Side of Pittsburgh. One of them had to be Jack’s bar before they redid everything in their bathroom. The smell and pissing in the troughs isn’t something you can ever forget. Knowing the trauma that bathroom caused me in the many years I’ve been drinking there, I decided to see what other bathrooms were just as scary. I Googled “the scariest bathroom in the world”, and this is what I came across.

Apparently, in a luxury Guadalajara, Mexican penthouse, the owner decided he wanted a unique and unforgettable bathroom that could literally scare the crap out of you. What the owner did was build an extravagant bathroom with all the amenities and everything the average person would need. However, when you move across the room to where the toilet is located, that’s where it gets a little scary.

The owner of this luxurious condo decided to put a glass floor under the toilet. Ok, that doesn’t seem that scary. We’ll, as your handling your business and you look down at the glass floor, there’s a lighted shaft that you can see at least 10 stories down straight to the basement. Talking about scaring the sh*t out of you.

I’m not sure what this owner was thinking other than where I can waste more money. It would be much cooler if the glass opened up if you didn’t flush. Or, for the ladies, if the guys left the toilet seat up, which I rather enjoy doing all the time on purpose and as often as I can.

Take a look:

Scare the sh*t out of you!

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