Soon to be Ex-Steeler Rookie #95 Alameda Ta’amu arrested in the South Side

I’m glad I’m not the only one over the weekend that got into a police chase, wrecked several cars, almost ran a few people down, and almost got shot by several of our finest Pittsburgh Police officers in the South Side. Oh wait, I was playing the video game Grand Theft Auto IV on XBOX, while Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie defensive lineman # 95 Alameda Ta’amu in AWD and leather was doing it in real life. So the story goes, Alameda Ta’amu, in his 2006 Lincoln Navigator after 2 in the morning, decided to play chicken with several cars and pedestrians in the South Side of our beautiful city. Ta’amu (which in Yinzer translates into you’re going to jail, multiple felonies, you’re lucky you didn’t kill anyone, and the Steelers are going to toss you to the curb dumbass in Yinzer) in his 6-year-old Lincoln Navigator, decided he didn’t feel like stopping at several red lights, heed the warning of several police officers with their guns drawn, and finally wrecked into and injured another motorist (which I hope was a Baltimore Raven or Cleveland Fan by the way).

Despite all the efforts of this dumbass to run from his vehicle after the Navigator he was driving was wrecked and unable to be driven, he decided to try to evade the police on foot.

I have to agree this would have been his best option at this point. Blend into the crowd, stop and get some Mike & Tony’s Gyros, perhaps some Pizza Sola, but this thinker decided to take on the city police and not go down without a fight.

I have to be honest, that’s the way I would want to go out. Ummm, well maybe not…Ta’amu then tries to assault the officers before our boys in blue put the smack down on him and added some stainless steel bling, aka handcuffs to his wrists.

Weighing in at around 350 plus pounds and 6′ 3”, these officers had every right to give this man some white sheet therapy, aka shoot him, but chose not to. Way to go Pittsburgh Police Zone #3!!

Moral of the story, if you plan to get into a police chase in the South Side after a hard night of drinking which Ta’amu is suspected of doing, make sure you eat first. As most people know, those bagged lunches with 2 cookies, a sandwich, and an orange drink you’re given in Intake/Processing at the County Jail suck. I never commit felonies on an empty stomach.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie #95 Alameda Ta’amu caught on tape creating the carnage in the video below:

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