Where’s My Kevlar? COD Black OPS II Brings the Pain.

ImageWith so many shooter-style games, it’s hard to find a game like Call of Duty. Like most people, the original Black Ops gave me hours of entertainment, and, of course, between the graphics and the advancements, I thought it was pretty fucking bad ass. Now there has been a lot of “leaked” images, originally believed to be real that have ended up being faked, plus so much hear say we really won’t now all of the actual features until we get to play this game on November 13th.

We still can not expect a new game engine in the new Black Ops, but as with most Call of Duty games, we can expect slightly enhanced graphics. Hopefully though we’ll see more drastic changes when we see new consoles. (When was the last time we got a new console? Seriously, the 360 and the PS3 came out years ago.)
We can expect lots of flash backs and flash forwards during game play, new multi player maps, and of course, everyone’s personal favorite, zombies! But of course, we won’t know the full extent of the new features and story lines until we sit in front of the t.v with the controller glued to our hands. Until then, we can make due with the 8 other call of duty games we have, and anticipate the 9th. If you really must get your Black Ops 2 fix ASAP, check out the trailer!

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