The Nerd Is Strong In This One…

ImageEverybody has dirty little secrets. But how about nerdy little secrets? If it’s a secret love for World of Warcraft, indulging in some LARP,  geeking out on comic books, or devoting a portion of your life to a video game, we’re all guilty of it. Personally my nerd outlet is Star Wars. While some may not understand my love and passion for Star Wars, others like myself understand and find it completely reasonable. (Which it is.) While for many of us not so in the closet nerds, the term “weird” may have been thrown around a lot. However, here is a collection of places where your “weirdness” is just plain normality.
NerdHaven is located at  4127 Brownsville Road  in Pittsburgh. Although it would be classified as a hobbie shop, NedHaven proves to be so much more. They are primarily based tabletop RPG games, and card games such as Magic. If you’ve never played or watched anyone play a game of magic, I highly recomend it. The High School I went to had a magic club, and those kids went hard. The store has a welcoming atmosphere, with chairs and proffesionally made wargaming tables for customers to enjoy.
Touraments, contests, and other events are hosted weekly. The website proclaims  that “it will be a place to talk, play, learn, build, paint, and make friends.” How awesome is that? I love knowing that there’s a welcoming enviorment out there for people to share common interests, and explore new hobbies, for people big into RPG, this really could be classified has a haven. Check out the website for a list of upcomming events at
For those of us more comic book oriented, a shop to check out is Phantom of the Attic. If you go to the website, you can find a large selection of comics that will soon be coming into the shop, on top of the variety already in store.  Yet another one to check out is Pittsburgh Comics on  113 East McMurray Rd in McMurray. The store is stocked up on comics and graphic novels, with new arivials every Wednesday.
Now of course, this is only to name a few of the great shops in our area. So come on out of the nerd closet, and explore some local nerd culture.

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