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2015 Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari , the kings of sexy automobiles, have created a new Italian hybrid that not only uses 848hp of real 6.3 liter V-12 Ferrari engine, but also squeezes 187hp out of an electric engine. Grand total of awesome, 1035hp.

lamborghini harassment

10 Hours Driving Around NYC with an Exotic Car [Graphic Content]

Some people disgust me. I mean a guy can’t even take his 300k supercar around without being harassed and asked to take pictures. The paint was repeatedly touched, and people yelled out comments as he was sitting at stop lights and parking lots. If you don’t like exotic car harassment, this isn’t the video for […]


Marvel Still Hasn’t Hooked Joaquin Phoenix for Doctor Strange Movie

Marvel has been after Joaquin Phoenix to play the role of Doctor Strange in their upcoming movie scheduled to begin filming in 2015. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to get a commitment out of the actor. As you might imagine, shooting a major Marvel movie isn’t easy. Green screen, special effects, and extensive reshoots take […]


Guess What: GUESS Watches Cooperate With Martian Watches to Bring You More Watches

You better watch out there: GUESS Watches is teaming up with smartwatch churner –Martian Watches, to bring new joy to families and kids in form of ‘new-epoch’ gadgets, i.e. watches who are smarter than the user wearing them. If this didn’t manage to confuse you, do not worry, for the time of confusion is certainly […]


Ready. Set. Collect! Simple Tips for Collecting Comic Books.

Getting Started. Breaking into the world of comic book collecting can be a fun and exciting experience, seriously, it can! Whether you desire to be a mild-mannered hobbyist or a hardcore collector, these tips for collecting comic books will get you well on your way. Where to start? The number one rule to remember when […]