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Sea Harrier Jet For Sale. I’ll Take Two.

I know that when I’m itching to spend 1.5 million dollars, I often wonder if anyone has a used fighter jet for sale. Well, my dreams have come true with the 1986 Sea Harrier FA2 Jump Jet popping up on the market. It’s formerly from the Royal Navy Fleet and is currently stationed in Canada, […]


TION: On The Rise

I was perusing through social media as I usually do everyday, infected with copious amounts of cat images, relationship quotes, and selfies, oh the selfies. And then something caught my eye, a shirt with the name TION. My first reaction was, oh boy, another clothing line that makes no sense with some inane reference to […]


Is A Guy Ever Too Old To Play Video Games?

I’m 33. I would consider myself to be a relativity responsible adult and for the most part, pretty mature. I even say please and thank you.  I pay my bills, take care of the family, hit the gym, and try to eat right (ish). But something lurks under the surface. I’m a closet nerd. I […]


Red She-Hulk 62 Preview

The latest issue of Red She-Hulk is set to release on February 6th, and in this edition, Captain America is put to the test when he must make some difficult choices, Betty Ross loses some near and dear to her heart, and of course Red She-Hulk gets a little angry. And you don’t want to […]

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Off The Bone Barbeque

Yeah, we all want washboard abs and Kate Upton to magically appear in our home doing the Cat Daddy, giggling and jiggling profusely, followed by sexy time. Well, until that day comes about, we have ribs. Or as I like to call it, food porn. Kate Upton likes food. Off the Bone Barbeque is a […]